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Davidoff Pipes

Creating the Davidoff Pipe entails a meticulous, detailed process performed by only the most skilled European pipe makers. This is why the Davidoff Pipe upholds a standard of quality and design found in no other pipe in the world. Made of the finest and carefully selected briar, each Davidoff Pipe features a flawless, hand-finished bowl and perfectly-fitted, hand-cut acrylic stem. The Davidoff Pipe is available in 14 distinguished designs and three beautiful finishes: sandblasted black, red brilliant and a natural light brown finish. Special, and sometimes unusual, pipe shapes in various designs, like pipes with a stem hole for a 9mm filter, are also available at Davidoff in a large selection.

Pipe Accessories

Pipe Cases

The handsome Pipe Case has ample room for two pipes, a small tobacco pouch or a Davidoff Pipe Cleaner Case. This pipe case also features two separate sections. The smaller Davidoff Combi Pouch provides separate compartments for pipe and tobacco. A soft leather lining gently protects the beauty and longevity of the pipe it holds.

Tobacco Pouches

Each individual Davidoff Tobacco Pouch is made of the finest quality lamb of nappa and lined with odorless rubber to preserve your tobacco's true flavor and aroma.

Tobacco Jars

Designed expressly for Davidoff, each jar is fitted with an exclusive moistening system. A ventilation opening in the lid allows humidity to be regulated and your tobacco to breathe

Pipe Cleaners, Pipe Racks & Pipe Companions

Pipe Cleaners

Davidoff Pipe Cleaners are extra soft and are best meant for the regular cleaning of your valuable pipe.

Pipe Racks

To store your valuable pipes, we offer Pipe Racks made of solid rare wood or in the attractive combination of silver mounted on wooden bases.

Pipe Companions

The Davidoff Pipe Companion owes its uniqueness to the precious metal titanium. Titanium's qualities of amazing strength and lightness are further enhanced by its durability and kindness to the skin. Exceptional in design and unique in function.

Pipe Tobacco

From early childhood, Zino Davidoff was trained in the art of blending tobaccos. Refining this skill throughout his life, he perfected his art in the aromatic blends that bear the family name. Made in Holland and Denmark with 100% pure tobacco and 100% natural flavoring, Davidoff Pipe Tobaccos are pure smoking pleasure, designed to excite and soothe the palate in an exquisite celebration of luxury.

Davidoff Scottish Mixture (Holland) - A light, medium-cut mixture; a blend of Virginia, Burley, Kentucky, and oriental tobaccos with a touch of rare Scotch Whiskey.

Davidoff English Mixture (Holland) - A mild, traditional English mixture; a medium-cut blend of Virginia, Burley, Latakia enhanced with a pinch of Périque spiced tobacco.

Davidoff Oriental Mixture (Holland)
- An ancient, traditional oriental mixture. A blend of American Virginia and Burley with a touch of Latakia - a favorite among avid pipe smokers.

Davidoff Danish Mixture (Denmark)
- A medium-cut mixture; a traditional blend of Virginia and Burley tobaccos enriched with a pinch of toasted Black Cavendish.

Davidoff Royalty (Denmark) - A classic English blend with a beautifully refined flavor. Mature Virginia and oriental tobaccos spiced with a pinch of Latakia.