The Imperial Cigar Company
“Purveyors of Fine Cigars and Accessories”
Established 1993

Lighters, Ashtrays and Matches



Davidoff Lighters offer the latest level in technology and are developed and completed on the basis of extensive experience in the area of lighter manufacturing. The user highly appreciates the importance attributed to the lighter's functionality, especially the fluent motion of the rollbar. The flint is easy and practical to replace and the gas is simple to replenish. There are ten select finishes in gold plated, platinum or lacquer, and the lighters are available in two sizes.




A most distinctive gift, our ashtrays bespeak richness and elegance. Each of our hand blown, lead crystal ashtrays are designed and hand-crafted in France by master craftsmen, brilliantly cut, flawlessly faceted and heavy in weight. The classic Davidoff Lead Crystal Ashtray is elegantly overlaid with a sterling-silver ring and fitted with three tasteful cigar holders. Our luxury Porcelain Ashtrays, made exclusively for Davidoff by a renowned manufacturer, are individually hand painted with decorative borders and our signature logo in genuine gold.



The presentation of the slow-burning, Davidoff «Giant» Cigar Matches are accented with the elegant Matchbox Holders made out of sterling silver, calf leather or select, precious hardwood.