The Imperial Cigar Company
“Purveyors of Fine Cigars and Accessories”
Established 1993



The heart of a Griffin's cigar, the filler, maintains a blend consisting of three carefully selected tobaccos from different crops.

Each cigar is carefully hand-rolled. This hand craft requires years of experience. The cigar roller uses his skill to shape the filler into the appropriate size and wraps it with the binder. At the stage, the fillers and binder, referred to as the bunch, are shaped so that each cigar obtains an evenly rounded form.

The next step is the application of the valuable wrapper. Only the best leaves from Connecticut are selected for the Griffin's wrapper. The job demands extraordinary skill from the cigar roller.

Finally, the Griffin's cigars undergo a strict quality control and are sorted according to the color. Each cigar receives a Griffin's band, applied manually, and is then individually placed in the packaging.

The finished product now receives the inscription "Hand Made in Dominican Republic" and the packaging is sealed with a guarantee label for your protection.

The Griffin's «No. 100, No. 200, No. 300, No. 300 Tubos, No. 400, No. 500»
The Griffin's «Privilege, Piramides, Robusto, Robusto Tubos, Toro, Prestige»

The Griffin's «500 Maduro, Robusto Maduro, Toro Maduro, Piramides Maduro»



Named after the famous mythical creature, The Griffin's Cigars are harvested in the Cibao Valley, the most fertile valley in the Dominican Republic. The Griffin's filler maintains a harmonious blend of these select tobaccos from the finest harvests. Each is hand-rolled, exactingly wrapped in Connecticut shade leaves and hand-packaged with elegance and distinction, resulting in a pleasing and flavorful taste.



You can recognise a Griffin's Maduro cigar by its darker wrapper leaf.  The name «Maduro» means mature, ripe in Spanish.  These new Maduro cigars are made with a special broadleaf wrapper leaf which is planted in Connecticut, USA, and then left to grow in the sun.  The broadleaf variety is a bigger and structurally stronger leaf which is well able to withstand the rigorous fermentation process involved in producing the finished chocolate coloured wrapper leaf.  This additional process taking around three months, gives the wrapper leaf not only its beautiful dark colour, but also a slightly sweet taste and strong aroma.