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Established 1993


Each Davidoff cigar is the product of a carefully controlled series of events. The tobacco leaves are grown in areas especially chosen for their outstanding soils and climatic conditions. Matured up to four years, only the best leaves selected from various harvests are blended to guarantee consistent aroma, flavor and combustion. In the Dominican Republic, the art of traditional and fine cigar making has been carried on for centuries and passed on from generation to generation. Thus, the exacting quality standards for Davidoff cigars can be met there

The popular shapes of the Davidoff cigars are based on four exquisite tobacco blends:

The Davidoff «Classic» series

The Davidoff «Mille» series

The Davidoff «Grand Cru» series

The Davidoff «Special» series

The Davidoff «Aniversario» series

The Davidoff «Millennium Blend» series


Classic Series


This series offers a pleasingly mild blend, including the long, slender No. 1, the elegant No. 2 and No. 2 Tubos, the superb No. 3 and the delicate Ambassadrice, all of which suit the novice and connoisseur. The Davidoff Tubos Cigar is packaged in a two-part aluminum tube to keep it "humidor fresh" while you travel.

Mille Series


From the sleek 1000 to the fuller 5000, each cigar in the Thousand Series is made by hand in the Dominican Republic and contains the same perfectly balanced blend of tobaccos. In flavor, this series falls between the full-bodied Grand Cru Series and the lighter No. 1, No.2 No. 3 Tubos and Ambassadrice. Subtle aroma and rich flavor give the Thousand Series its long-lasting appeal.

Grand Cru Series


This series offers the body, flavor and bouquet to delight the sense of veteran cigar devotees. The Grand Cru Series comes in five sizes, from half corona to the grand corona, which Zino Davidoff used in 1946 for his classic "Châteaux" cigars. Made by hand in the Dominican Republic, all are available in traditional natural wood cabinet-style boxes.

Special Series



The new Davidoff Special Series, which includes The Special «R», Double «R» and Special «T» can be distinguished by its flavorful aroma, finesse and unique taste. The Special «C» Culebras is a novelty among cigar connoisseurs because of its unusual presentation. Composed of three interwoven Panatellas cigars, the Culebras delivers a stronger, more full-bodied taste.

Aniversario Series


The Aniversario Series No. 1 and No. 2 celebrated Zino Davidoff's 80th birthday. Their tobaccos are ideally balanced, yielding a rich, intense aroma, with a surprisingly light taste.


Millennium Blend Series



In the year 2001, Davidoff celebrates a very special anniversary: the launch of its new generation of cigars from the Dominican Republic, ten years ago.  The precious store of experience has grown continually throughout this period as new expertise has been added.   Ongoing refinement to the tobaccos and different combinations of grades from diverse sites have produced new blends and a range of Davidoff cigars - Millennium Blend.  Davidoff Millennium Blend cigars are full-bodied, with a balanced, consistent level of rich taste and aroma.