The Imperial Cigar Company
“Purveyors of Fine Cigars and Accessories”
Established 1993

Cutters and Gifts

Cigar Cutters

To cut a hand-rolled cigar, a special instrument is required, in order not to damage the cigar. Davidoff has developed two systems, which are perfect for this. The first-class, stainless steel, hand- forged Davidoff Cigar Scissors guarantees the large, direct circular cut that allows the perfect amount of smoke to come through. 

The Davidoff Round Cutter is a noteworthy innovation in function and design. A jewel designed for the pocket. Three different sizes of laser-sharpened, stainless steel edges, guarantee a perfect round cut at the head for all cigar shapes.

Cigar Golf Set

Tee off in style with a gift set of Davidoff golf balls and four Davidoff Tubos Cigars, packaged in a natural wood cabinet-style box.