The Imperial Cigar Company
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Established 1993




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Each Davidoff cigar is the product of a carefully controlled series of events.
The tobacco leaves are grown in areas especially chosen for their soils.


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Avo Cigars are hand-made and hand rolled, from the Choicest Dominican tobaccos, grown in the most exclusive vegas of Cibao. Only long Havana seed fillers and binders, blended with Dominican leaves are used in Avo Cigars to give them their special aroma and mellow flavor.


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The Zino line of cigars was introduced in the early 1980's as an alternative to the Davidoff Havanas and have established a niche for luxury Honduran cigars. Indeed, with the Zino «Mouton Cadet» and «Gold» lines, Davidoff has cornered the market on premium Honduran cigars.


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The Griffin’s cigar consists of a blend from various harvests, similar to a good brandy. This tedious and labor intensive production guarantees the connoisseur a constant aroma and consistent quality. The result is a spicy, flavorful cigar for the expert, which fulfills even the highest aspirations.



View Griffin's Cigars

Private Stock cigars are yet another example of the Dominican Republic's cigar tradition.  The attractive selection otf these hand rolled cigars consists of thirteen different types - from cigarillo to double corona, for every occasion, the perfect hand rolled cigars are the so-called "unselected-ungraded" cigars.  This means that the outer leaf color and the ring-gauge could vary slightly, another sign of hand-made.  Not only for the cigar lover, but also for the occasional smoker, the PRIVATE STOCK cigar depicts an ideal suppliment for daily smoking enjoyment.