The Imperial Cigar Company
“Purveyors of Fine Cigars and Accessories”
Established 1993



Avo Cigars are born in the Cibao Valley of the Dominican Republic. All the elements for the blend of science and art that we call cigar manufacturing are here fertile soil, ideal climate and the experienced tabaqueros to raise the very best from this land. In time, when the tobacco is ready, it will be the heart of a sublime pleasure for any smoker, an Avo Cigar. Careful blending of five different tobaccos result in a rich flavor, mild body, and a delightful aroma.

The resting period that follows the final stages of sorting, banding and boxing allow the Avo Cigar to mature, assuring that each one will reward the smoker for his choice. There is an appropriate size for any occasion, whether it is to complement a meal, or as a companion in solitude, or to celebrate an event, large or small.


Avo XO  «Maestoso, Preludio, Preludio Tubos, Intermezzo. Presto, Allegro, Serenata, Notturno, Notturno Tubos»

Avo Domaine «10, 20,30,40,50,60»




The Avo XO Trio Series: the Intermezzo, Maestoso, and the Preludio and the Avo XO Quartetto Series: the Presto, Allegro, Seranata and the Notturno offer a symphony of smoking pleasure: Created from the choicest tobaccos, these cigars deliver a rich, full-bodied flavor, along with a very special aroma.





It is their provenance that has given the Domaine AVO cigars their name.  Their filler tobacco comes from Avo Uvezian's own plantation in the Dominican Republic.  The quality of soil on the Domaine AVO Finca lends to this tobacco an aroma that gives these cigars their unique, unmistakable character, while the rhythm of this composition is provided by the selected, full-bodied wrapper leaves from Ecuador, which undergo an additional, special fermentation process in the Dominican Republic.  An excellent selection of cigars for those enjoyable, harmonious hours.