The Imperial Cigar Company
“Purveyors of Fine Cigars and Accessories” 
Established 1993


In 1993, The Imperial Cigar Company was conceived by Mr. Edward Kolpin III who has been  responsible for the re-introduction to the culture of cigar smoking in the Russias. Through the long term ties with Dr. Ernst Schneider, Chairman of Davidoff International, The Imperial Cigar Company partnered with Davidoff to realize the dreams of the company’s founder, Zino Davidoff, to share his life-long work in developing the culture of cigars in his motherland – The Russias (now known as Commonwealth of Independent States and the Baltic States).

Proving a strong partnership, the company had achieved its first goal to deliver the inaugural shipment of cigars to the first Davidoff Appointed Merchant in Moscow, Russia shortly before Zino’s death in January of 1994. Through the difficult feat of introducing a product which was virtually unknown at the time in Russia, davidoff.comThe Imperial Cigar Company, as the hand of Davidoff in the former Soviet Union, continued working to export the world-wide famous cigars to the Russian capital. Over a two year period, the golden signature of Zino embossed on a white background became embraced by the Russian people as a product of their own. 

View Boutiques Zino’s success became a symbol of pride for the Russian people. Davidoff cigars, nestled in their «Grande Réserve» humidors could be found in all of the top hotels in Moscow as well as in over thirty of the top class restaurants. In 1996, the steps were taken to open the first Davidoff Boutique in Russia which would be located in Moscow at Ul. Tverskaya 23. The first embassy to Zino’s motherland became the heart of the culture of cigars in Moscow and is the only luxury tobacconist in the city. The boutique carries the up to date full range of all Davidoff products including cigars, tobaccos, cigarettes, smokers requisites, cognacs, fragrances and gift items. The Imperial Cigar Company, continues to play a significant and leading role in Russia’s history as pertains to cigar culture and has continued  to expand Zino’s embassies View Davidoff Special Seriesto other cities, including Kiev, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Yerevan, Tbilisi and Almaty among others within the CIS and Baltic States.